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Isabey Dagger Brushes

Dagger - Slant End  No 2  $24.30   
Dagger - Slant End  No 4  $27.70   
Dagger - Slant End  No 6  $29.40   
Dagger - Slant End  No 8  $30.25   
Dagger - Slant End  No 10  $39.95   
Dagger - Slant End  No 12  $49.95   











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Isabey Slant End Dagger.
Series 6715.

Kazan Squirrel

The Isabey Series 6715 Petite-Gris brushes are made from Kazan Squirrel. The angled dagger shape provides the ability to create long fine lines and details with the point whilst making much broader marks with the angled side.

This brush is also referred to as a Cutting Quill in reference to the ability to cut in colour with great control.

Although a watercolour brush these brushes also work well with fluid acrylics and acrylic inks.
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