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Golden Digital Grounds

Golden Digital Grounds are ink-receptive coatings intended for use with ink-jet printers. They allow the artist to coat and subsequently print over a large variety of substrates including paper, canvas, metal and acrylic paints, using ordinary computer printers and inks. Printed images come out clear and crisp, with great colour. We highly recommend a visit to the Golden web site before you start printing as it provides instructions on what to do, and not to do, as well as all the sundry information you may need.


Digital Mixed Media Sets

Digital Mixed Media Sample Set      $44.95   



Digital Grounds Single Bottles

Digital Ground White (Matte)    236ml Bottle   $29.95   
Digital Ground Clear (Gloss)    236ml Bottle   $29.95   
Digital Ground for Non Porous Surfaces    236ml Bottle   $32.95   



Gel Topcoats

These gels can substantially increase the longevity and lightfastness of digital media. If you are exhibiting your pieces without glass you should also apply a removable varnish in addition to the Gel Topcoat to allow for future cleaning and any conservation work that may need to be undertaken. Again, please refer to the Golden web site for further details.

Gel Topcoat with UVLS Semi Gloss    236ml Bottle   $39.95   
Gel Topcoat with UVLS Gloss    236ml Bottle   $39.95   










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