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Holbein Quality Acrylic Gesso

Unique, versitle, rich and creamy.

Holbein Colored Gesso is thick and creamy, offering superb coverage and great opacity. It is made with high chroma, lightfast pigments and can be used as a successful ground or as a painting medium on its own. It can be used as a traditional underpainting on all surfaces, including paper, cloth, canvases, wood, stone, and primed metal. The Gesso can be mixed with any acrylic paint or medium and finishes to a matte surface. It may be overpainted with water-based or oil-based colors or pastels. Available in a full spectrum of beautiful colors.

Holbeinís innovative pouch design provides for easy pouring and storage as well as the ability to see the actual colour through the pouch.

There are also 3 white Gessos available in smooth, coarse and extra coarse textures.

so_AM431         White - Smooth       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_AM432         White - Medium       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_AM433         White - Coarse       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_AM434         White - Extra Coarse       300ml Pouch       $29.95   

so_A654         Yellow       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A656         Lemon Yellow       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A653         Jaune Brilliant       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A651         Carmine       300ml Pouch       $29.95   

so_A663         Cerulean Blue Hue       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A662         Cobalt Blue       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A661         Navy Blue       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A654         Violet       300ml Pouch       $29.95   

so_A659         Terre Verte       300ml Pouch       $29.95   

so_A655         Yellow Ochre       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A666         Red Ochre       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A665         Raw Umber       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A667         Burnt Umber       300ml Pouch       $29.95   

so_A669         Grey No7       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A668         Grey No5       300ml Pouch       $29.95   
so_A436         Black       300ml Pouch       $29.95   

so_A673         Bronze       300ml Pouch       $49.95   
so_A675         Gold       300ml Pouch       $49.95   


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