Schmincke Gels and Pastes

Modelling Paste
Modelling Pastes can be used to create textural surfaces. Manipulation can be done while wet or after the paste has dried.

sch_am_50541    Schmincke Acrylic Modelling Paste    Modelling paste - Fine    300ml                  $23.95   
sch_am_50542    Schmincke Acrylic Modelling Paste    Modelling paste - Coarse    300ml                  $23.95   
sch_am_50543    Schmincke Acrylic Modelling Paste    Structure paste - Extra Light    300ml                  $23.95   


Crackle Paste
Highly absorbent, ready to use acrylic paste to produce crackles in acrylic paintings.

sch_am_50545    Schmincke Acrylic Crackle Paste    Crackle Paste    300ml                  $23.95   


Soft Gel Gloss
Increases transparency and gloss. A transparent gel with a smooth consistency which dries to a clear glossy film. Ideal for transparent structures and collages.

sch_am_50523    Schmincke Acrylic Gel    Soft Gel Gloss    300ml                  $34.95   


Heavy Gels
A transparent gel with heavy consistency. Increases transparency. Use heavy gel for more substantial transparent structures and collages.

sch_am_50520    Schmincke Acrylic Gel    Heavy Gel Gloss    300ml                  $34.95   
sch_am_50521    Schmincke Acrylic Gel    Heavy Gel Satin    300ml                  $34.95   
sch_am_50522    Schmincke Acrylic Gel    Heavy Gel Matte    300ml                  $34.95   


Fibre Gel
Produces a milky, fibrous film. Gel has a smooth consistency during application. Great for creating random surfaces.

sch_am_50530    Schmincke Acrylic Effect Gel    Fibre Gel    300ml                  $34.95   


Effect Gel - Flakes
Special gels for crystalline, mineral and metallic effects. These gels work especially well with the more transparent acrylic colours.

sch_am_50531    Schmincke Acrylic Effect Gel    Crystal Flakes Gel    60ml                  $14.95   
sch_am_50532    Schmincke Acrylic Effect Gel    Black Flakes Gel    300ml                  $34.95   
sch_am_50533    Schmincke Acrylic Effect Gel    Mineral Flakes Gel    300ml                  $49.95   
sch_am_50535    Schmincke Acrylic Effect Gel    Golden Flakes Gel    300ml                  $49.95   








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