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15% Off Golden Fluid Acrylics

Golden fluid paints are highly pigmented permanent acrylic colours which provide the advantage of allowing you to use a thin paint which offers fine dispersion, very intense colour, flexibility and good adhesion. No more watering down heavy body paints with the resulting washed out colour and weakened paint film.

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15% Off FW Ink Sets

Special includes both the Artists and Pearlescent sets. FW are permanent acrylic inks which can be used on their own or for mixed media works. The sets provide a very cost effective way of sampling the inks.
Artists  |  Pearlescent

10% Off Schmincke Acrylic Effect Gels and Pastes

Schmincke have a large range of special effect gels and pastes which can help to add new dimensions to your work. Of note are the very interesting flake gels which come in several different variations.

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15% Off Speedball Sets

The Speedball pen and nib sets are very useful for artists looking to add detail and fine lines to their work. They are also a wonderful drawing tool on thier own. A good variety of sets are on special.

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15% Off Sets of Cretacolor Karmina Colouring Pencils

A classic coloured pencil with buttery-soft and richly-pigmented leads. All Karmina pencils produce bold and vibrant colors which also blend and layer exceptionally well. All colours can be intermixed to produce numerous tones.

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Pastel Specials

$50 Off Holbein Set of 144

15% Off Girault Sets of 50

$30 Off CrayPas Specialist Oil Pastel Wooden Box Set

10% Off NuPastel Singles

10% Off Schmincke Sets of 18

$30 Off Sennelier Sets of 80 Half Sticks

10% Off Pan Pastel Set of 20 Painting Colours


25% Off Winsor and Newton Watercolours
Single 5ml Tubes

Winsor & Newton artists watercolours are extremely popular. They provide reliable, predictable and consistent quality right across the range. A watercolour you can rely on.
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15% Off Schmincke Watercolours

Sale includes both sets and singles in half pans and 5ml tubes. Schmincke are renowned for the intensity of colour they achieve and their watercolours certainly have great strength and clarity of colour which can make lesser watercolours look somewhat dull.
Half Pans  |  5ml Tubes

50% Off Winsor and Newton Watercolour Markers

Run Out Sale. Whilst stocks last. Special includes Sets and Singles. The markers have a twin tip with a fine point on one end and a flexible brush tip on the other. The markers have been formulated using fine quality artists pigments to ensure excellent permanence.

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20% Off Fontaine and Flamboyant Watercolour Paper Blocks

Fontaine is a professional quality, 100% cotton, gelatin sized watercolour paper from Clairfontaine of France. The blocks on sale include Hot Pressed, Semi Hot Pressed, Cold Pressed, Rough and Cloud Effect. The blocks are fantastic value for professional quality watercolour paper.

Flamboyant is a 50% Cotton and 50% Cellulose paper with a unique surface which is random, extra rough, open and soft to the touch. If you love painting abstract or really rough, you will love the Flamboyant watercolour paper.

Fontaine Blocks  |  Flamboyant Blocks

15% Off Isabey Sable Quills

Hand wired Sable Quill brushes. Long, fine, thin brushes which are light in the hand and point superbly. Excellenet for detail and also a favourite of calligraphers.

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New: Fabriano Watercolour Blocks Now Available

Fabriano watercolour blocks are now available in both Traditional White and Extra White. Two sizes are available being 9x12 Inches and 12x18 Inches. The blocks contain 20 sheets of the premier Artistico 300gsm watercolour paper.

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