Watercolour Pads

We have watercolour pads available from many different fine art suppliers:
Hahnemuhle Veneto
Saunders Waterford


Holbein Albireo Watercolour Sketch Blocks

Albireo Watercolour Sketch Pads

  The Holbein Albireo watercolour sketch blocks contain 24 sheets of acid free 90lb (approximately 190gsm) 100% pulp watercolour paper with a rough surface. The sketch pads come in three sizes including a handy postcard size (A6) as well as two larger sizes.
reo_A6   Medium    A6 105x148mm   190gsm     $10.50  
reo_B5   Medium    B5 176X250mm   190gsm     $17.95  
reo_B4   Medium    B4 250X353mm   190gsm     $29.95  


Veneto Watercolour Blocks

Hahnemuhle Veneto Watercolour Pad


Veneto watercolour paper is 325 gsm, natural white, acid free and age resistant. The front side of the paper has the structure and charm as well as the flow behaviour of high quality mould-made papers, it has a medium rough surface. The reverse side has a matt structure (medium fine) which also offers very interesting painting effects. You can use both sides of the paper. Veneto is available in both blocks of 12 sheets and single sheets (half and full).


veneto_24x32    Veneto Watercolour Block    12 Sheets Medium Rough    24x32cm    325gsm          $34.95   
veneto_30x40    Veneto Watercolour Block

   12 Sheets Medium Rough





Carnet de Voyage Pad

Hahnemuhle Carnet de Voyage Watercolour Pad


The Carnet de Voyage watercolour pads have a heavy weight watercolour board (400gsm) with a Matt (Medium Fine) natural surface. The board weight combined with the spiral binding make it ideal as a creative travel diary. The board is acid free, natural white and age resistant. The pads have 15 sheets and are 15.3x25cm which is suitable for both landscape and portrait scenes.


hahn_voyage    Carnet de Voyage Watercolour Pad    15 Sheets Medium Fine Grain    15.3x25cm    400gsm               $39.95   




Bockingford Pads

Bockingford Pad


  Bockingford is a traditional English watercolour paper made on a cylinder mould machine. It is a high quality, archival standard, paper made from 100% alpha cellulose. standards. Its attractive surface is created using natural woollen felts that give it a distinctive random texture. Appreciated for its excellent colour lifting abilities. This is an extremely forgiving watercolour paper valued by artists around the world.
_230x305   Cold Pressed    230x305mm   300gsm     $28.95  
_270x370   Cold Pressed    270x370mm   300gsm     $33.95  


Saunders Waterford Blocks

Saunders Waterford Block


  Saunders Waterford is a top quality professional watercolour paper. The blocks contain 12 sheets of 300gsm paper which are mold made, 100% cotton, gelatine sized and buffered with calcium carbonate. The blocks are glued along all for sides so that the paper does not have to be stretched before use.
d_B_HP_14x29   Block - Hot Pressed    140x190mm   300gsm     $19.95  
d_B_HP_18x25   Block - Hot Pressed    180x250mm   300gsm     $27.95  
d_B_HP_27x37   Block - Hot Pressed 

  270x370mm   300gsm     $43.95  
d_B_CP_14x19   Block - Cold Pressed    140x190mm   300gsm     $19.95  
d_B_CP_18x25   Block - Cold Pressed    180x250mm   300gsm     $27.95  
d_B_CP_27x37   Block - Cold Pressed 

  270x370mm   300gsm     $43.95  
d_B_RGH_14x19   Block - Rough    140x190mm   300gsm     $19.95  
d_B_RGH_18x25   Block - Rough    180x250mm   300gsm     $27.95  
d_B_RGH_27x37   Block - Rough 

  270x370mm   300gsm     $43.95  
d_P_HP_23x30.5   Pad - Hot Pressed    230x305mm   300gsm     $34.95  
d_P_HP_27x37   Pad - Hot Pressed 

  270x370mm   300gsm     $43.95  
d_P_CP_23x30.5   Pad - Cold Pressed    230x305mm   300gsm     $34.95  
d_P_CP_27x37   Pad - Cold Pressed 

  270x370mm   300gsm     $43.95  
d_P_RGH_23x30.5   Pad - Rough    230x305mm   300gsm     $34.95  
d_P_RGH_27x37   Pad - Rough    270x370mm   300gsm     $43.95  


Arches Watercolour Pads

Arches Watercolour Pads

A long-time favorite of artists, Arches watercolor paper has been manufactured in the same French paper mill since 1492. Arches is professional grade acid free watercolour paper of the highest quality. 100% cotton, cylinder mould made with natural gelatine sizing. Three different surfaces, Rough, Medium (Cold Pressed) and Smooth (Hot Pressed). Available in a Natural White colour. Pads of 12 sheets are available as 300gsm in 3 sizes, A5, A4 and A3.


arch_A5_HP    Hot Pressed    A5 148x210mm    300gsm       $25.95   
arch_A5_CP    Cold Pressed    A5 148x210mm    300gsm       $25.95   
arch_A5_RG    Rough

   A5 148x210mm    300gsm       $25.95   
arch_A4_HP    Hot Pressed    A4 210x297mm    300gsm       $44.95   
arch_A4_CP    Cold Pressed    A4 210x297mm    300gsm       $44.95   
arch_A4_RG    Rough

   A4 210x297mm    300gsm       $44.95   
arch_A3_HP    Hot Pressed    A3 297x420mm    300gsm       $74.95   
arch_A3_CP    Cold Pressed    A3 297x420mm    300gsm       $74.95   
arch_A3_RG    Rough    A3 297x420mm    300gsm       $74.95   










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