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Winsor and Newton watercolour markers provide a new and innovative way to work with watercolour. The markers have a twin tip with a fine point on one end and a flexible brush tip on the other. The markers have been formulated using fine quality artists pigments to ensure excellent permanence.

There are 36 colours in the range which are fully intermixable. The markers are compatible with traditional watercolours and mediums. They can be used by themselves or in combination with other watercolour products. A great tool that helps expand the possibilities with watercolours.


Watercolour Marker Sets

Set of 6 in a metal box $74.95 $56.21   
Set of 12 in a metal box $149.95 $112.46   
Travel Set of 8 markers and accessories $139.95 $104.96   



Single Watercolour Markers

To order single watercolour markers simply enter the number of each colour you require and then press the 'add to order' button at the bottom of the page.
wn_wcm_346         Lemon Yellow Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_119         Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_109         Cadmium Yellow Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_266         Gamboge Hue       $12.50    $9.38   

wn_wcm_090         Cadmium Orange Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_103         Cadmium Red Pale Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_095         Cadmium Red Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_098         Cadmium Red Deep Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_461         Pale Rose       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_003         Alizarin Crimson Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_502         Permanent Rose       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_545         Quinacridone Magenta       $12.50    $9.38   

wn_wcm_398         Mauve       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_231         Dioxazine Purple       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_401         Mid Blue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_514         Phthalo Blue Red Shade       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_541         Prussian Blue Hue       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_515         Phthalo Blue Green Shade       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_139         Cerulean Blue Hue       $12.50    $9.38   

wn_wcm_654         Turquoise       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_522         Phthalo Green       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_521         Phthalo Green Yellow Shade       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_312         Hookers Green Dark       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_311         Hookers Green       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_599         Sap Green       $12.50    $9.38   

wn_wcm_744         Yellow Ochre       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_552         Raw Sienna       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_074         Burnt Sienna       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_061         Burnt Red       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_554         Raw Umber       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_076         Burnt Umber       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_609         Sepia       $12.50    $9.38   

wn_wcm_322         Indigo       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_465         Paynes Gray       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_331         Ivory Black       $12.50    $9.38   
wn_wcm_227         Lamp Black       $12.50    $9.38   


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