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Museum Quality, Outshines Paper Based Scratchboard

Scratchbord is a clayboard panel that has been coated with India ink. Comparable to traditional paper scratchboard, except better it is more durable and easier to scratch into for cleaner and crisper details and lines. For added dimension, colored inks can be added to the white areas and then scratched again for additional highlights and volume. Artwork can be finished with a non-yellowing spray varnish to allow framing without glass.

Where a colour other than black is required you can use a clayboard panel and coat it with the coloured ink most suitable.

There is also a range of scratchboard tools and inks available.


Ampersand Scratchboard

scrb_5x7_1/8    5x7 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    1/8nch Depthnch Depth               $6.25   
scrb_8x10_1/8    8x10 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    1/8nch Depthnch Depth               $13.65   
scrb_11x14_1/8    11x14 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    1/8nch Depthnch Depth               $20.75   
scrb_16x20_1/8    16x20 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    1/8nch Depthnch Depth               $34.95   


Scratchboard Tools

Scratch Knives Holder and two nibs  $13.75   
Line Tool Parallel lines and cross hatching  $19.95   
Wire Brush Creating texture  $14.45   
Fibre Brush Soften and erase  $27.25   
Tool Kit The complete tool kit  $57.50   
Set of 6 Scratchboard Inks Add colour without residue  $33.50   














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