Artists with Named Girault Sets

Girault pastels are available in a range of sets where the colour range has been chosen by an accomplished pastel artist. A list of the artists with an example of their work is available from this page. A link to artists web site (where available) is also listed so that you can explore their work in more detail.



Relaxation - Rodriguez Lopez




Rodriquez Lopez

Rodriquez Lopez is a Spanish artist whose paintings often have a sense of heightened realism. A full biography and wonderful catalogue of works can be viewed from his web site at:

Elizabeth Mowry

Elizabeth Mowry is is a very well known and respected American artist whose Poetic Landscapes allow your interpretation to be the final piece of the story being told.

A visit to her web site will allow you read further and also view some of her wondeful works.

Normandy Path - Elizabeth Mowry



Poterie de Tamgroute - Claude Texier




Claude Texier

Claude Texier is a Moroccan born French artist. Her work ranges accross a wide range of subjects and clearly shows the talent and skill she has in the pastel medium. Many beautiful works are shown on her web site and you can also read her biography.

Richard McKinley

Richard McKinley is an accomplished American artist and educator whose work in pastels is very inspirational.

A vist to his web site to view the gallery is highly recommended.

Cascade Evening - Richard McKinley







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