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Primacryl is available in both beautiful wooden box sets and starter sets. Primacryl is a premium acrylic colour using modern pigments in exceptionally high concentration. Primacryl gives colours a new dimension of brilliance and expressiveness. Of note, the titanium white is unparalleled in opacity and coverage giving incredibly brilliant mixtures. Due to the extremely high solid content of Primacryl, elastic and contour-stable drying is guaranteed and the the dried paint layers are durable, flexible and water-resistant. All colours in the range are rated four or five stars for lightfastness ensuring the quality expected of Schmincke paints. Colours can be used directly from the tube or diluted with mediums or water as needed. The colours have practically no colour shift between wet and dry.



sch_hba_8x35    Schmincke Primacryl Set    Set of 8 35ml Assorted Colours                     $109.95      $93.46   
sch_hba_8x60    Schmincke Primacryl Set    Set of 8 60ml Assorted Colours                     $149.95      $127.46   
sch_hba_10_35_wb    Schmincke Primacryl Set    Set of 10 35ml Assorted Colours in a Wooden Box                        $199.95   
sch_hba_15x35_wb    Schmincke Primacryl Set    Set of 15 35ml Assorted Colours in a Wooden Box                        $450.00   








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