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Generals Gum Eraser       Generals Gum Eraser
A traditional gum eraser made of a soft non-abrasive material. Erases without scratching or smudging and is gentle on your work. Latex Free.
Generals Factis Black       Generals Factis Black
Made especially for charcoal and graphite it is very soft and easy to use. Also works on colored pencil. Does not show dirt from erasing.
Generals Factis Extra Soft       Generals Factis Extra Soft
This super soft eraser will erase pastels and charcoal. It cleans watercolor paper without roughing it or abrading it. Picks up its own shavings. Does not smudge or smear. Non-abrasive. Cleans deeper than kneaded erasers. Sometimes called the much kneaded eraser.
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Sakura Foam Eraser       Sakura Foam Eraser
Excellent for graphite. This high-quality eraser removes pencil markings with a light effortless touch. Eraser shavings clump together into strings which makes cleaning up easier and keeps your workspace tidy. This efficient eraser is also resistant to picking up dirt and graphite dust which means it maintains its white appearance and will not transfer pencil marks back onto your paper surface.
Faber Castell Kneedable Eraser       Faber Castell Kneedable Eraser
Kneadable Art Erasers are a good choice for correcting charcoal and pastel work. They are easily kneadable and absorbent and leave no residue behind.








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