Lux Archival paper was developed by Alyona Nickelsen of Brush and Pencil. The paper makes an excellent pastel paper, easily taking many layers of pastel.

The base paper is 100% cotton whilst the sanded surface is 400 grit but extremely uniform without any visible pattern. The paper is archival, lingen free, acid free and 300gsm. The paper has a neutral white colour and is suitable for underpainting; it will take water, inks, alcohol and mineral spirits.

Five Sheet Minimum for Large Sheets and Boards
Large sheets and boards are denoted with an  L. There is a 5 sheet minimum for large sheets and boards. You can mix any colours, brands or types of paper to reach the five sheet minimum.



Lux Archival Professional Sanded Paper

lux8x10   8x10 Inches    20.32x25.4 cm                  $5.95   
lux8x10_pk10   8x10 Inches Pack of 10    20.32x25.4 cm                  $49.95   

lux11x14   11x14 Inches    27.94x35.56 cm                  $13.95   
lux11x14_pk5   11x14 Inches Pack of 5    27.94x35.56 cm                  $64.95   

lux16x20   16x20 Inches    40.64x50.8 cm       L            $22.95   
lux16x20_pk5   16x20 Inches Pack of 5    40.64x50.8 cm                  $109.95   

lux_roll   Roll 48 Inches x 5 Yards    1.22x4.57 metres                  $499.00   











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