Dr Ph Martins Black Star India Inks

Dr Ph Martins Black Star India Inks are lightfast, permanent, and waterproof when dry. They produce excellent results when used with technical pens or calligraphy dip pens. The ink will flow through a 4x0 (0.134 mm) pen tip. While extremely opaque, these inks contains no varnish or shellac. This matte finish ink will not reflect light, making it ideal for use on paper, illustration board, and canvas. Hi-Carb is a gloss finish ink with an extremely high carbon content, best where density and line integrity are most important.



blk_star_matte    Black Star India Ink    Matte       29.5ml Bottle                  $14.95   
blk_star_hicarb    Black Star India Ink    Gloss - HiCarb       29.5ml Bottle                  $14.95   








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