Clayboard Panels

Clayboard is made using a true artists hardboard which is coated with an ultra smooth abosrbent kaolin clay ground. The finish is similar to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance. The unique surface ensures your colours remain true and brilliant. There is a significantly noticable difference in the resulting brilliance of colour on a clayboard as opposed to a canvas when they are held side by side. The panels are ideal for acrylics, inks, airbrush, collage, and mixed media. Paint can be both applied and removed easily and reapplied again as required. The boards can also be used as a scratchboard, just coat the board with the coloured ink you prefer first and then create.

The harboard surface is protected with Ampersands Archival-Seal barrier technology and is acid-free, non-yellowing, and archival.



clay_5x7_1/8    Clayboard    5x7 Inches       1/8 Inch Depth               $5.35      $4.28   
clay_18x24_1/8    Clayboard    18x24 Inches       1/8 Inch Depth               $41.25      $33.00   

clay_8x8_7/8    Clayboard    8x8 Inches       7/8 Inch Depth               $23.75      $19.00   
clay_11x14_7/8    Clayboard    11x14 Inches       7/8 Inch Depth               $39.95      $31.96   
clay_12x16_7/8    Clayboard    12x16 Inches       7/8 Inch Depth               $46.95      $37.56   
clay_18x24_7/8    Clayboard    18x24 Inches       7/8 Inch Depth               $84.65      $67.72   

clay_8x8_1.5    Clayboard    8x8 Inches       1.5 Inch Depth               $33.95      $27.16   
clay_11x14_1.5    Clayboard    11x14 Inches       1.5 Inch Depth               $52.95      $42.36   
clay_12x16_1.5    Clayboard    12x16 Inches       1.5 Inch Depth               $59.95      $47.96   
clay_18x24_1.5    Clayboard    18x24 Inches       1.5 Inch Depth               $99.95      $79.96   








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