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Schmincke Oil Bronzes

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Schmincke Oil Bronzes are genuine metallic oil paints made using real metal. They are very lightfast, more opaque and more brilliant than other metallic effect colours. They come ready to mix with the special binder to create the paint.


sch_15801024    Oil Bronze    Rich Gold       50ml                  $49.95   
sch_15802024    Oil Bronze    Rich Pale Gold       50ml                  $49.95   
sch_15803024    Oil Bronze    Pale Gold       50ml                  $49.95   
sch_15804024    Oil Bronze    Copper       50ml                  $49.95   
sch_15805024    Oil Bronze    Silver       50ml                  $49.95   

sch_50032025    Oil Bronze Binder    Binder 60ml       60ml                  $19.95   
sch_50032026    Oil Bronze Binder    Binder 200ml       200ml                  $37.50