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Paint like the Old Masters

Schmincke Mussini Resin Oils are unique throuhout the world. Their special qualitites stem from the adoption of the old masters approach of combining natural resin with selected oils. This approach, together with high concentrations of single pigments produce oil colours with the utmost brilliance and purity.

The resin oils also have the advantage of even drying which provides tension free and durable colour layers. The works by old masters which have been preserved in much better condition than the more recent impressionist and expressionist masters attests to the durablity of resin oil colours.

Of special note with the Mussini range is the extensive range of transparent and semi-transparent glaze pigments.



musi_70717    Mussini Resin Oil Colour Set    140 Years Jubilee Box Set of twelve 15ml tubes                        $159.95   
musi_70010097    Mussini Resin Oil Colour Set    Wooden Box Set of 10 x 35ml Tubes                     $249.95      $199.96   
musi_70213097    Mussini Resin Oil Colour Set    Wooden Box Set of 11 Tubes plus Accessories                     $399.95      $319.96   
musi_70615097    Mussini Resin Oil Colour Set    Wooden Box Set of 16 Tubes plus Accessories                     $699.95      $559.96   








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