Pastel Revolution : Pastel Freezer Fixative

The Pastel Revolution fixative is also called the Pastel Freezer as it literally freezes the pigments on to the paper which creates an amazingly stable layer that does not smudge when you later come back over the top with more pastel or pastel pencils. This is a significant improvement on other products on the market. As with similar products there are slight colour changes when the fixitive is applied which is usually a little darkening of some colours.

Pastel Revolution is particularly well suited to Pastelmat but can be applied to other papers and canvas if they also have an absorbent surface.

Pastel Revolution is classified as a dangerous good for transportation purposes. Australia Post has a limit of 300ml for delivery. Therefore, only one 200ml bottle of Pastel Revolution can be sent out per order. Pastel Revolution can only be deliverd by road transprt and can not be sent to Tasmania.



pfreezer_200ml    Pastel Revolution : Pastel Freezer    Spray Bottle       200ml    Freezer Fixative               $49.95   
pfreezer_500ml    Pastel Revolution : Pastel Freezer    Spray Bottle       500ml    Freezer Fixative               $84.95    In Store Only
pfreezer_1000ml    Pastel Revolution : Pastel Freezer    Refill Bottle       1000ml    Freezer Fixative               $99.95    In Store Only