Art Spectrum Pastel Set





Set of 60 Assorted in a Double Tray Wooden Box       $349.95  



Assorted set of 60 in a two tray wooden box. The colours included are:
- P508 Spectrum Red
- P510 Spectrum Red Deep
- T510 Spectrum Red Deep
- V512 Crimson
- T512 Crimson
- P512 Crimson
- P518 Pilbara Red
- V554 Caput Mortuum
- P554 Caput Mortuum
- N554 Caput Mortuum
- V517 Flinders Red Violet
- P517 Flinders Red Violet
- T517 Flinders Red Violet
- V517 Flinders Blue Violet
- T517 Flinders Blue Violet
- P502 Lemon Yellow
- P504 Spectrum Yellow
- T504 Spectrum Yellow
- P542 Naples Yellow
- P509 Golden Yellow
- T540 Yellow Ochre
- V552 Burnt Umber
- V549 Australian Red Gold
- T506 Spectrum Orange
- P506 Spectrum Orange
- T546 Light Red
- T544 Raw Sienna
- P544 Raw Sienna
- V548 Burnt Sienna
- T508 Spectrum Red
- T550 Raw Umber
- P550 Raw Umber
- T570 Phthalo Green
- V570 Phthalo Green
- N570 Phthalo Green
- P560 Terre Verte
- P576 Australian Leaf Green Dark
- T574 Green Grey
- N574 Green Grey
- N513 Bordeaux
- T582 Cool Grey
- P584 Warm Grey
- P599 Lamp Black
- P596 Australian Grey
- P500 Titanium White
- N520 Flinders Blue Violet
- V526 Ultramarine Blue
- T526 Ultramarine Blue
- P523 Tasman Blue
- V534 Indigo
- T534 Indigo
- P524 Spectrum Blue
- X530 Phthalo Blue
- P530 Phthalo Blue
- T528 Prussian Blue
- V578 Australian Leaf Green Blue
- T578 Australian Leaf Green Blue
- P578 Australian Leaf Green Blue
- T580 Australian Leaf Green Light
- T572 Yellow Green

Please note that the manufacturers will reserve the right to change the contents of a set without notice. This may happen without us being aware. Generally, this will be substitution of some colours.







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AS Soft AS Extra Soft Blue Earth
Conte Girault Holbein
Nupastel Pan Pastels Rembrandt
Renesans Schmincke Sennelier
Terry Ludwig Townsend Unison
Oil Pastels
Renesans Sennelier  
Paper & Boards
Colourfix Hahnemuhle Lux Archival
Mi-Teintes Mi-Teintes Touch Pastelboard
Pastelmat Pastel Premier Sennelier
UART Premium    
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Bruynzeel Carbothello Conte
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