QoR Watercolour Grounds and Mediums

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QoR have three Grounds for preparing watercolour surfaces and a range of watercolour mediums to enhance the paints.



qor_wc_grnd    QoR Watercolour Ground    Watercolour Ground       237ml    Absorbent surface for watercolour               $29.95   
qor_cp_grnd    QoR Watercolour Ground    Cold Press Ground       237ml    Handmade paper like surface               $29.95   
qor_ld_grnd    QoR Watercolour Ground    Light Dimensional Ground       237ml    Flexible surface to create dimension               $29.95   

qor_wc_med    QoR Watercolour Medium    Watercolour Medium       59ml    Increase transparency               $19.95   
qor_ox_gall    QoR Watercolour Medium    Synthetic Ox Gall       59ml    Improves flow               $19.95    Out of Stock
qor_lift_aid    QoR Watercolour Medium    Lift Aid       118ml    Improves lifting of colour               $19.95   








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Raphael Sable Raphael Squirrel Raphael SoftAqua
Raphael Varnish Roman Szmal  





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