Ink for Art, Calligraphy & Writing

Ink is the versitile medium and our comphrensive range includes inks for drawing, urban sketching, painting, pouring, air brushing, calligraphy and writing.


15% Off Dr Ph Martins TECH Inks

A transparent, lightfast and archival ink designed specifically for use with technical pens, calligraphy pens, and drawing pens which also works extremely well with brushes and airbrushes. The ink is acid free and waterproof when dry. Ideal for design and illustration as well as artistic endeavours.

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Feature: Joseph Gillott

Joseph Gillott drawing and mapping nibs are world renowned by Copperplate calligraphers for extra fine writing and by artists for drawing, sketching, mapping and cartooning.

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Feature: Clairfontaine Journals

Nine Different Journal Types

We have an extensive range of Clairfontaine journals in stock including classic drawing journals, watercolour journals, the sought after Paint-On journals and accordian books for the urban sketcher. There are nine different typres of journals, all available in various sizes.

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20% Off Schmincke Aerocolor Set of 9

Aero Color Professional are liquid, intensely coloured and highly lightfast acrylic inks. They can be used for acrylic painting, sketching, airbrushing and mixed-media techniques. Aero Color is water resistant when dry and dries with a satin finish. It also has excellent adhesion properties on a wide range of surfaces and excellent lightfastness ratings being either 4 or 5 star across the range.

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New: Blue Island Press Journals

The Blue Island Press journals feature 23 sheets (46 pages) of 240gsm Italian art paper. The paper is suitable for fountain pens, dry media, ink and light watercolour. The journals are spiral bound and have a stiff cardboard cover featuring a painting from the named artist. The journals measure 185mm x 152mm.

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Good Ink Makes a Difference

Writing, Calligraphy, Sketching

Whether you are a writer, calligrapher or artist, good ink makes everything easier and more beautiful. Good inks designed to work well with the tools you are using and have high quality colourants making them more brilliant and permanent. They are also a lot more economical that you may think as they tend to go a lot further, and last longer, than low grade inks.

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