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William Mitchell has been designing and manufacturing exceptional calligraphy products for almost 200 years.
The authentic choice.

Did you know that Adamstown Art has the most extensive range of watercolours in Australia. Lots to choose from.

Girault started making soft pastels in 1780. Still artisian made today.

Leonard has been making artist brushes in France since 1715. Experience counts.

Boutique Fine Art Supplies

Artists seek out Adamstown Art for their dependability, good prices, friendly advice and quality range of fine art materials. Learn more about Adamstown Art.


15% Off Amatruda Sets for Painters

The Amatruda watercolour paper is handmade according to ancient craftsmanship tradition for maximum durability. The paper features deckled edges, is pure cotton and a natural white in colour. The paper is suitable for all watercolour techniques and also works very well with art inks. The ten sheets can be removed easily from the open top folder which itself is made from ivory cotton paper and sealed with wax.

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25% Off Winsor & Newton 5ml, 14ml & 37ml Tubes

Winsor & Newton were the original moist watercolours, being introduced in 1865. They are a watercolour you can rely on, consistently providing excellent quality. The range has a large number of single pigment colours and is renowned for the transparency of the watercolours.

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New: Leonard Travel Brushes

Leonard have an extensive range of travel brushes including sable, imitation sable, squirrel and the synthetic Aquarellys range. Each brush has a detachable cap which is used to house the brush for travel or storage. Available in round, mop and flat styles.

Since 1779 Leonard have been handcrafting artists' brushes in Saint-Brieuc, France. Blending knowledge, tradition and modern methods, the brushes are of the highest quality.

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15% Off Schmincke Australian Sets

Designed to capture the unique colours of Australia these exclusive Schmincke sets are available as:
- The Australian Starter Set;
- The Sunburnt Country;
- The Red Outback;
- Australian Seascape; and
- Australian Flora.

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15% Off Single Rosa Pans and Tubes

The ROSA Gallery fine art watercolours provide clear and vibrant colours which dilute easily and have excellent handling qualities. The watercolours are made of organic gumarabic and premium finely ground pigments.

The watercolours are developed in collaboration with professional artists. This collaboration defines the transparency, intensity, consistency and the handling characteristic of each of the watercolours.

Red Cross Appeal for Ukraine
All profits from the sale of Rosa watercolours are donated to the Red Cross Appeal for Ukraine. You will help the Red Cross provide assistance to families affected by the situation in Ukraine. You will also help Rosa to keep manufacturing during very difficult times.

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20% Off Renesans Set of 24 15ml Intense Watercolour Tubes

The Intense watercolours definately have clear, pure colour which gives the ablity to mix extremely subtle or bright shades. Of note is the wonderful degree of granulation many of the colours can achieve and also the very smooth and easily controllable flow of colour, even on soft papers. The watercolours are exremely lightfast and are made from pure honey, gum arabic and quality pigments.

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25% Off Selected Daniel Smith Artist Sets

There are many artist sets to choose from including Janson Chow, Prafull Sawant, George Politis, Angus McEwan, Michael Solovyev, Thomas Schaller, Paul Wang and Pablo Ruben.

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15% Off Golden Fluid 118ml Bottles

Golden fluid paints are highly pigmented permanent acrylic colours which provide the advantage of allowing you to use a thin paint which offers fine dispersion, very intense colour, flexibility and good adhesion.

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20% Off Renesans Maxi Acryl 60ml Tubes

Traditional heavy body acrylic paint with a moderate and uniform gloss. High quality resin combined with a careful selection of European and American pigments gives these paints high lightfastness ratings and the advantages of durable and flexible paint layers.

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15% Off Norma Blue Oil 35ml Tubes

Norma Blue are water mixable oil paints. They can be painted and cleaned with water instead of solvent. They are also low odour and allergy friendly as no preservatives are used.

The oils have a buttery consistency, mix extremely well with water and are reflective of the regular professional Norma Oils. All of the oils have either excellent or good lightfastness and the range includes the special transparent colours Schmincke are renowned for.

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Feature: Leonard Mangoustyle Brushes

The Leonard Mangoustyl brushes are imitation Mongoose brushes. They use a mix of real hair types to achieve the characteristics of Mongoose hair. This gives the brushes a natural feel, they are responsive and firm, yet delicate to the touch. Mongoose is less soft than sable but much softer than bristle.

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20% Off FW Inks

Daler-Rowney FW Ink is an acrylic pigment-based, water-resistant ink with a high degree of lightfastness and intermixability. FW Acrylic Inks can be used at full strength or diluted for watercolour effects. The inks can be applied by brush, pen, paint markers and also airbrush. The inks can be used for a wide variety of projects including, fine art painting, graphic design, illustration and decorative pursuits.

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15% Off de Atramentis Artist Inks

De Atramentis Artist inks are lightfast waterproof inks that will flow through a fountain pen making them perfect for both writing and sketching. Apart from fountain pens, the inks can also be used with dip pens and brushes. There are 18 colours in the range which are intermixable, allowing you to create your own colours.

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15% Off Sennelier Gouache 21ml Tubes

Sennelier Gouache is a true artists gouache being made using the same high quality pigments present in the Sennelier watercolour and oil paints. The 59 colours are selected for their opacity and have exceptional covering power. The gouache is fully intermixable with watercolours and is often referred to as opaque watercolour. The paint will dry to a matt finish.

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15% Off Clairfontaine Paint On Pads

The Clairfontaine Paint On paper is an exceptional mixed media paper suitable for pencil, pen, ink, gouache, watercolour and acrylic. The paper is available in a range of colours and sizes. The paper is a heavyweight 250gsm and very strong. Of note is that the surface will take a lot of working and stands up to erasing and wet media.

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15% Off Schmincke Calligraphy Gouache

Especially developed for calligraphy, the colours are brilliant and largely opaque with a consistency that is ideal for calligraphy. The range consists of 12 colours of the finest artist quality as well as a wooden box set.

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15% Off Speedball Sets

Speedball have been manufacturing nibs since 1899 and have nibs for both calligraphy and art. The range of sets includes both boxed sets as well as the smaller specific task sets.

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15% Off Peter Pauper Press Journals

Peter Pauper Press is a pre-eminent stationery publisher from the United States. Established in 1928, the company is family owned and strives to meet the expectations of beauty, quality, and value. The Peter Pauper Press journals are available in three sizes.

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15% Off Dr Ph Martins Ocean Inks

Dr Ph Martins Ocean Fountain Pen Ink is an entirely new, pigment based ink for fountain pens. Dr. Ph. Martin's Ocean Fountain Pen Ink is a lightfast, archival, brilliant, fine artist pigment liquid color designed specifically to flow through fountain pens without clogging.

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10% Off Pilot MR Fountain Pens

The Pilot MR has a very good reputation as one of the best introductory fountain pens. It has a metal body, quality steel nib and comes in a variety of colours. The pens are supplied with a converor for bottled ink or they can also be used with standard cartridges. The body has a tapered design which aids in controlling the pen whilst writing.

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50% Off Leuctturm B5 Composition Journals

The softcover B5 Composition notebooks are 254x178mm and feature 123 numbered pages of 80gsm paper, two page markers, an index section and a gusseted pocket at the back.

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Pastel Specials

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15% Off Townsend Soft Form Sets

20% Off Rembrandt Sets of 60 Half Sticks

10% Off Schmincke Singles

15% Off Sennelier Set of 72 Oil Pastels

15% Off Sennelier Paris Set of 120 Half Sticks

15% Off Dawn Emerson Pan Pastel Set

15% Off Blue Earth Portrait Sets

10% Off Hehnemuhle Velour Sheets

Best Price for Unison Pastels

The Big Pan Pastel Sale