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Did you know that Adamstown Art has the most extensive range of watercolours in Australia. Lots to choose from.

Turner first introduced their watercolours in 1947. Quality stands the test of time.

William Mitchell has been designing and manufacturing exceptional calligraphy products for almost 200 years.
The authentic choice.

Leonard has been making artist brushes in France since 1715. Experience counts.

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20% Off Umton Large Pans

Fine grade pigments and the brightest gum arabic combine to give the Umton watercolours their presence on the paper. There are 59 colours in the range, all of which are lightfast and available in large 2.6ml pans. Umton is a watercolour that has excellent mixing characteristics, good control on the paper and strong honest colour.

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New: Haze and Urban Super Granulation Watercolours

Schmincke have added the Haze and Urban series of watercolours to their Super Granulation range. Schmincke Super Granulation watercolours provide intense granulation and colour separation, giving wonderful effects that you can use to enhance your paintings.

Available in sets, 5ml & 15ml tubes as well as half pans.

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15% Off Kusakabe Harmonia 10ml Tubes

Granulation and Colour Separation

The very natural and beautiful Harmonia watercolours are created by mixing colours that, are often, at opposite ends of the spectrum. Rather than clashing, as you may expect, the colours blend and separate to create colour that is in harmony.

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15% Off Turner Effect Colours

Turner Colour Works have four different types of effect watercolours, coloured pearl, interference colours, antique metallic and metallic. If you need to add a sparkle to your watercolour paintings you cannot go past the Turner effect colours. And, all at a very nice price.

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New: Renesans Masking Powder, Ground & Mediums

Renesans have introduced a range of mediums, masking products and a watercolour ground. Within the range are the sought after masking powder, a honey based watercolour medium, a granulation medium and a gum arabic solution as well as a hot press watercolour ground.

Masking Powder  |  Watercolour Mediums  |  Hot Press Ground

15% Off Two Rivers Quarter Sheets

Handmade English Watercolour Paper

The Two Rivers watercolour paper is quite unique. Being made by hand, with traditional techniques, its texture and receptivity to paint sets it apart from mass produced brands.

The pulp for the paper is made using both pure cotton and linen fibres. The paper is also internally and externally sized with gelatine and buffered with chalk to archival standard. You will find the paper excels with wet into wet work as the colour floats long enough for extensive working. The slow absorbency of colour also results in brighter and more vibrant paintings.

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15% Off Roman Szmal Brushes

The Roman Szmal range provides quality synthetic brushes. The brushes are made with either Japanese Toray fibres or Synthetic Squirrel. Toray has a soft, resiliant nature that can absorb and hold a large amount of water whilst the synthetic squirel is a top notch altenative to natural hair brushes.

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Feature: Turner Design Gouache

Turners water based design gouache has brilliant opaque colour which dries to a beautiful matte finish without brushmarks. The gouache also has a unique non bleeding feature allowing you to paint light or white colors over dark when dry. As the colours employ the Munsell System, colour mixing and identification is much easier. There is little or no colour shift from wet to dry.

Turner Colour Works is famous for gouache and watercolour. Based in Osaka, Japan, Turner has a history spanning more than than 75 years.

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15% Off Schmincke Designer Gouache Set

Schminckes Designer Gouache has velvet-mat colours of the highest opacity and colour intensity. All colours have an easy and streak-free application, remain rewettable after drying and can even be applied with an airbrush if desired.

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20% Off William Mitchell Pen & Nib Sets

William Mitchell has an extensive range of dip pen sets for sketching and calligraphy, covering all of the popular writing styles. William Mitchell was established as a nib manufacturer in 1825 and has been designing and manufacturing exceptional calligraphy products for almost 200 years.

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Pastel Specials

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New Schmincke Half Stick Sets

15% Off Renesans Sets

15% Off Uart 12x18 Inch Packs of 10

20% Off Dawn Emerson Pan Pastel Set

15% Off Rembrandt Set of 45 in a Cardboard Box

20% Off Sennelier Black Box Set of 120 Half Sticks

15% Off Mi-Teintes Pads

25% Off Colourfix Smooth

Best Price for Unison Pastels

The Big Pan Pastel Sale

25% Off Colourfix Smooth


New: Renesans Watersoluable Hydr-Oil

Hydr-Oil is compatible with both oil and water.
- Use with Acrylics, Aqyla, Oils, Watersoluable Oils & Gouache.
- Use oil mediums, Hydr-Oil mediums and acrylic gels and pastes.
- Thin with water and wash up with soapy water.

Hydr-Oils are genuine oil paints with intense colour, thick texture and excellent lightfastness. They have all the advantages of regular oils and none of the disadvantages. Their unique properties also means you don't need to use solvents, you can just open the tap.

Very Avant-Garde.

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20% Off Aqyla Sets

Aqyla is a water based alkyd resin paint which combines and enhances the benefits of both oil and water based paints to give you a totally immersive painting experience. You can use Aqyla by itself or in conjunction with oils. The greatest attraction of Aqyla is pure, rich & smooth colour. Concentrated levels of high performance pigments with no extenders provides exceptional colour whilst the water based formula gives Aqyla its fresh texture and smoothness.

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15% Off Single Sennelier Oil Sticks

Sennelier have updated and improved their range of oil sticks. There is now an expanded range of 64 colours. The special covers both the 38ml and 96ml Oils Sticks.

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25% Off Primacryl 35ml Tubes

Primacryl is a premium acrylic colour using modern pigments in exceptionally high concentration. Primacryl gives colours a new dimension of brilliance and expressiveness. All colours in the range are rated four or five stars for lightfastness ensuring the quality expected of Schmincke paints.

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Feature: Renesans Acrylic Mediums, Gels and Pastes

Renesans have an extensive range of acrylic mediums, gels and pastes that can be used to enhance your works. The gels and pastes come in a sensible size jar of 110ml making them economical and helping to ensure they don't dry out before you can finishing using them, as often happens with larger jars.

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20% Off Leonard Pahmi Blended Brushes

The Phami hair brushes are blended with synthetic fibres to create a brush which has good strength and moisture retention allowing you to paint in a more forceful way with a brush that can also give you softness in the application of the colour.

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20% Off Aerocolor 28ml Bottles

Aerocolor is available in the following ranges, artists, total cover, candy, metallic, aero vision, aero pearl and aero shine. Aero Color Professional are liquid, intensely coloured and highly lightfast acrylic inks. They can be used for acrylic painting, sketching, airbrushing and mixed-media techniques. They are suitable for application by brush, dip pens, technical pens, pouring and with an airbrush.

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15% Off Kuretake Meiji No Iro Inks

The Meiji No Iro series is a beautiful selection of coloured inks which were inspired by popular colours from the Meiji era (1890 to 1910) of Japan. Kuretake was founded during the Meiji period (1902) and celebrated their 120 year anniversary by carefully selecting and introducing 6 special inks. The inks are water based dye colours which can be used with fountain pens, glass pens, dip pens and brushes.

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15% Off Rohrer & Klingner Calligraphy Inks

Rohrers pigmented calligraphy ink give brilliant and beautiful colours which are lightfast. There are 24 modern and classic colours developed in conjunction with Schmincke company. The inks have optimal flow and drying characteristics for calligraphy. They are largely water and wipe resistant as well as being resistant to eraser and tape. The colours can be applied with dip pens, quills, brushes and even airbrushes.

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15% Off Dr Ph Martins Single Iridescent Calligraphy Inks

Dr. Ph. Martins Iridescent Calligraphy Colours are shimmering, highly reflective colours that are lightfast, waterproof, archival, and permanent. Made from the finest ground pigments, the unmatched colour intensity of Dr. Ph. Martins Iridescent Calligraphy Colours gives you the ability to cover dark surfaces with a dynamic range of metallic color.

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20% Off Amatruda Natural Series Journals

Amatruda Natural Journals have a cover made of coloured cotton paper and include twenty sheets (forty pages) of handmade cellulose paper with feathered edges. The journals are handmade and bound with leather ties. The journals are unlined and the paper is fountain pen friendly.

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20% Off Bruynzeel Colouring Pencil Sets of 24 & 48

These superior coloured pencils have a highly pigmented 3.7 mm colour core which provides excellent colour transfer. The colour lays down easily and is excellent for blending and smudging. The pencils cater for multiple layers providing better artistic scope. Since 1948 Bruynzeel has been ensuring every pencil produced reflects Dutch quality. Bruynzeel quality is assured by using the best pigments and sustainable wood.

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