Artist Quality Oil Colours

Adamstown Art offer a curated range of artist oils including Langridge Professional from Australia as well as Schmincke Mussini and Norma from Germany. Each range is exceptional in colour saturation, workability and durability.


15% Off Leonard Chungking Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes are very good for sketching out, impasto, scrumbling, drybrush techniques and general brushwork. The Leonard Chungking bushes have interlocked fibres making them resistant to fraying and providing the strength needed to apply thick paints easily and smoothly.

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Langridge Oil Colours

All of the colours are made without extenders, modifiers, opacifiers, fillers and anything that may interfere with the clarity and true brightness of the pigment. Langridge oil paints are therefore, highly intense, enabling artists to extend the paint, if desired, and to facilitate exceptional clean mixes when blended together.

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20% Off Norma Blue Watermixable Oil Sets

Norma Blue are water mixable oil paints. They can be painted and cleaned with water instead of solvent. The oils have a buttery consistency, mix extremely well with water and are reflective of the regular professional Norma Oils. All of the oils have either excellent or good lightfastness and the range includes the special transparent colours Schmincke are renowned for.

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Mussini Oils

Schmincke Mussini Resin Oils are unique throuhout the world. Their special qualitites stem from the adoption of the old masters approach of combining natural resin with selected oils. This approach, together with high concentrations of single pigments produce oil colours with the utmost brilliance and purity.

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