Calligraphy Supplies

Adamstown Art has an extensive range of nibs, pens and gouache complimented by pads, paper and markers. Of note is the largest range of calligraphy sets in Australia.


15% Off Kuretake Meiji No Iro Inks

The Meiji No Iro series is a beautiful selection of coloured inks which were inspired by popular colours from the Meiji era (1890 to 1910) of Japan. Kuretake was founded during the Meiji period (1902) and celebrated their 120 year anniversary by carefully selecting and introducing 6 special inks. The inks are water based dye colours which can be used with fountain pens, glass pens, dip pens and brushes.

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15% Off Dr Ph Martins Single Iridescent Calligraphy Inks

Dr. Ph. Martins Iridescent Calligraphy Colours are shimmering, highly reflective colours that are lightfast, waterproof, archival, and permanent. Made from the finest ground pigments, the unmatched colour intensity of Dr. Ph. Martins Iridescent Calligraphy Colours gives you the ability to cover dark surfaces with a dynamic range of metallic color.

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15% Off Rohrer & Klingner Calligraphy Inks

Rohrers pigmented calligraphy ink give brilliant and beautiful colours which are lightfast. There are 24 modern and classic colours developed in conjunction with Schmincke company. The inks have optimal flow and drying characteristics for calligraphy. They are largely water and wipe resistant as well as being resistant to eraser and tape. The colours can be applied with dip pens, quills, brushes and even airbrushes.

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20% Off William Mitchell Pen & Nib Sets

William Mitchell has an extensive range of dip pen sets for sketching and calligraphy, covering all of the popular writing styles. William Mitchell was established as a nib manufacturer in 1825 and has been designing and manufacturing exceptional calligraphy products for almost 200 years.

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15% Off Schmincke Designer Gouache Set

Schminckes Designer Gouache has velvet-mat colours of the highest opacity and colour intensity. All colours have an easy and streak-free application, remain rewettable after drying and can even be applied with an airbrush if desired.

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New: Blotting Paper Now Available

The Herbin blotting paper is now available. Perfect for fountain and dip pen users. There are two colours, cream and pink. The paper comes in a pack of 10 sheets and each sheet is 19.5cm x 12cm.

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