Calligraphy Supplies

Adamstown Art has an extensive range of nibs, pens and gouache complimented by pads, paper and markers. Of note is the largest range of calligraphy sets in Australia.


15% Off Speedball Sets

Speedball have been manufacturing nibs since 1899 and have nibs for both calligraphy and art. The range of sets includes both boxed sets as well as the smaller specific task sets.

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New: Herbin Glass Pens

These beautiful glass pens from Herbin hold a lot of ink which allows you to write or sketch for a long time without needing to refill. The pens are avaialable in several colours.

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New: Liquid Gouache

Liquid Gouache by William Mitchell has excellent smooth opaque coverage and lightfast qualities. Being in a liquid form it is very convenient and easy to paint out. Available in 12 colours including Gold and Silver.

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15% Off Schmincke Calligraphy Gouache

Especially developed for calligraphy, the colours are brilliant and largely opaque with a consistency that is ideal for calligraphy. The range consists of 12 colours of the finest artist quality as well as a wooden box set.

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15% Off Sennelier Gouache 21ml Tubes

Sennelier Gouache is a true artists gouache being made using the same high quality pigments present in the Sennelier watercolour and oil paints. The 59 colours are selected for their opacity and have exceptional covering power. The gouache is fully intermixable with watercolours and is often referred to as opaque watercolour. The paint will dry to a matt finish.

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Feature: Zig Calligraphy Markers

Zig dual nib calligraphy markers are available in 24 standard colours as well as 9 metallic shades. The dual nib markers use pigmented water based ink that is waterproof, fade resistant, photo safe and that will not bleed.

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