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- Aqyla: A new, unique, artist paint
- Pure, rich and smooth, colour.
- No rush painting on multiple surfaces.
- Just Aqyla or use with oil paints.
- Brush, palette knife or airbrush.
- Dilute & wash up with water.



Kusakabe Aqyla

Aqyla is a water based alkyd resin paint which combines and enhances the benefits of both oil and water based paints to give you a totally immersive painting experience.

The greatest attraction of Aqyla is pure, rich & smooth colour. Concentrated levels of high performance pigments with no extenders provides exceptional colour whilst the water based formula gives Aqyla its fresh texture and smoothness.

Features of Aqyla are:

  • Use Aqyla by itself or in conjunction with Oils.
  • The surface dries in approximately 30 minutes. Quick but not rushed.
  • Multi surface - use paper, canvas, glass, porcelain, metal, cloth, plaster and some plastics.
  • Dilute with water. Wash up with soap & water.
  • Pleasant to use with low odour and no cadmium, lead or mercury used.

View the Guidebook and Aqyla FAQ for more information.






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72 Colours

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36 Colours

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2 Whites & 2 Blacks

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Extend, Enhance & Protect

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Aqyla Guidebook & FAQ

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