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How to Use Aqyla
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- Aqyla: A new, unique, artist paint
- Pure, rich and smooth, colour.
- No rush painting on multiple surfaces.
- Just Aqyla or use with oil paints.
- Brush, palette knife or airbrush.
- Dilute & wash up with water.



Kusakabe Aqyla Sets

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Aqyla is a new type of artist paint. It is a water based alkyd resin paint which combines the benefits of both oil and acrylic paints to give you a totally immersive painting experience. The greatest attraction of Aqyla is pure, rich & smooth colour. Concentrated levels of high performance pigments with no extenders provides exceptional colour whilst the water based formula gives Aqyla its fresh texture and smoothness.


kus_aqset12    Kusakabe Aqyla Set    Set of 12 Colours                        $69.95   
kus_aqset18    Kusakabe Aqyla Set    Set of 18 Colours                        $99.95