20% Off Single Sennelier 10ml Tubes

Whilst using modern pigments with excellent lightfastness Sennelier l'Aquarelle is still made the traditonal French way being slowly ground on granite rollers until the finest possible consistency is reached.

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Schmincke Artists Gouache Now Available

Schmincke have a large selection of gouache available with three artist ranges which are Horadam Artists Gouache, Designers Gouache and the unique Calligraphy Gouache.

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25% Off Winsor and Newton 5ml Watercolours

The original moist watercolour, since 1862. Winsor & Newton artists watercolours are extremely popular. They provide reliable, predictable and consistent quality right across the range. A watercolour you can rely on.

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30% Off Yupo Pads

Special is strictly whilst stocks last. Yupo is a synthetic polypropylene paper made in the USA. It is bright white, extremely smooth, non-porous, stain resistant and extremely strong and durable paper. The paper remains perfectly flat, eliminating the need for soaking, stretching, or taping. Pigments applied to the Bright White sheet display their true clarity and brilliance.

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15% Off Single Bottles of Aqua Drop

Aqua Drop is a ready to use highly pigmented artist quality liquid watercolour. The range consists of 24 Highly Lightfast colours and an Opaque White. Aqua Drop is ideal for watercolour painting and also pusuits such as urban sketching and calligraphy.

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10% Off New Daniel Smith 5ml Tube Sets

There are four new sets available from Daniel Smith including:
- Two Jansen Chow Master Sets of Six Colours
- Pablo Ruben Master Set of Ten Colours
- Paul Wang Master Set of Ten Colours.

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New Schmincke Watercolour Sets

Three new limited edition sets have been released. They are:
- Set of 12 Half Pans with a Leather Pouch
- Set of 12 Half Pans in a Slimline Tin
- Set of 12 Full Pans in a Curved Oak Box

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Artists Watercolours

All of the watercolurs we range are of artist quality but each has something noteable about them which sets them apart from the others.

Daniel Smith

USA, 257 Colours
Largest watercolour range. Many unique colours. 48 luminous colours.
15ml Tubes

Dr Ph Martins Hydrus

USA, 36 Colours
Liquid, lightfast and transparent watercolor with brilliance.
29.5ml Bottles


Japan, 108 Colours
Vivid, brilliant, transparent colours. Excellent handling.
15ml Tubes

QoR by Golden

USA, 83 Colours
The modern watercolour. Unique Binder. Depth of colour with minimal colour shift from wet to dry.
11ml Tubes

Schmincke Aqua Drop

Germany, 24 Colours
Highly pigmented lightfast liquid watercolours.
30ml Bottles

Schmincke Horadam

Germany, 140 Colours
Intensity of colour and clarity.
5ml Tubes, Half Pans, Aqua Bronzes

Sennelier l'Aquarelle

France, 98 Colours
Honey Based Watercolour.
Luminous, brilliant colour.
10ml Tubes, Half Pans

Winsor & Newton

Now France, 110 Colours
The original moist watercolour. Excellent reliability and quality.
5ml Tubes







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