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20% Off seven leading brands including:

- Daniel Smith
- Holbein
- QoR
- Maimeri Blu Tubes   |  Pans
- Schmincke Tubes   |  Pans
- Sennelier Tubes   |  Pans
- Winsor and Newton

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15% Off Saunders Blocks and Pads

Saunders Waterford is a top quality professional watercolour paper. The paper is mold made, 100% cotton, gelatine sized and buffered with calcium carbonate.

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10% Off Magnani Annigoni Pads

Annigoni is a unique paper being specifically created by the Magnani mill in the 1950s for the Italian painter Pietro Annigoni who is best known for his painting of Queen Elizabeth II in 1956. Pietro Annigoni particularly used the paper for his portrait work. The paper is still made the same way today on a cylinder mould machine using the receipe perfected by the Magnani papermakers and Maestro Annigoni.

The paper is 250gsm, beige in tone with a wonderful soft smooth surface. It is 100% cotton with the addition of wool fibres and colourants. The paper is lightly sized for a watercolour paper, giving less resistance. Magnani Annigoni is perfectly suited to watercolour sketching which is enhanced by the warm undertones of the paper.

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10% Off Isabey Cats Tongue Brushes

The Isabey Series 6235 brushes are made from pure siberian blue squirrel. The cat's tongue shape gives these brushes a versitility which is very much appreciated. You can paint details with the point, create medium strokes with the side and washes with the flat side for large areas.

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15% Off Holbein Palettes

The special covers both the watercolour and multi-purpose palettes. Holbein palettes are very good quality. Of special note are the metal enamelled waterolour palettes which have rich deep black enamel on the outside and extremely smooth rich white enamel on the inside.

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Artists Watercolours

All of the watercolurs we range are of artist quality but each has something noteable about them which sets them apart from the others.

Daniel Smith

USA, 250 Colours
Largest watercolour range. Many unique colours. 48 luminous colours.
15ml Tubes


Japan, 108 Colours
Vivid, brilliant, transparent colours. Excellent handling.
15ml Tubes

Maimeri Blu

Italy, 72 Colours
Purity of pigments. Classical colour range
of the Italian masters
15ml Tubes, Half Pans

QoR by Golden

USA, 83 Colours
The modern watercolour. Unique Binder. Depth of colour with minimal colour shift from wet to dry.
11ml Tubes

Schmincke Horadam

Germany, 140 Colours
Intensity of colour and clarity.
5ml Tubes, Half Pans, Aqua Bronzes

Sennelier l'Aquarelle

France, 98 Colours
Honey Based Watercolour.
Luminous, brilliant colour.
10ml Tubes, Half Pans

Winsor & Newton

Now France, 110 Colours
The original moist watercolour. Excellent reliability and quality.
5ml Tubes, Sticks







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Daniel Smith Holbein QoR by Golden
Maimeri Blu Pans Maimeri Blu Tubes Schmincke Pans
Schmincke Tubes Schmincke Bronzes Sennelier Pans
Sennelier Tubes Winsor & Newton  
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Aquaboard Arches Bockingford
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Saunders Stonehenge Aqua Yupo
Isabey Cats Isabey Dagger Isabey Wide Flat
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