Artist Quality Watercolours

Adamstown Art has the largest range of artist quality watercolours and specialty papers in Australia. There is a watercolour to suit everyone in our range, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals.


New: Turner Watercolours

A true professional watercolour with suberb transparency and flow. Only the highest quality pigments, the clearest gum arabic, and wetting agents are used to achieve vivid, brilliant colours. There are 148 colours in the range, including the effect colours, all of which are in large 15ml tubes. The Turner watercolours are also very nicely priced.

Turner Colour Works is famous for watercolour and gouache. Based in Osaka, Japan, Turner has a history spanning more than than 75 years. The watercolours were introduced in 1947 and the range has expanded over the years to include many new pigments and the creation of the wonderful effect colours.

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20% Off Roman Szmal Aquarius Full Pans

The Aquarius watercolour range by Roman Szmal consists of 199 colours of which 170 are single pigment colours. This very special range of single pigment colours ensures clean and vibrant colour mixing. Also, of special note are the 46 Special Earth Colours which use real natural earth pigments sourced from around the world rather then synthetically produced colour.

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15% Off Umton Watercolour Sets

Umton is the leading artist paint manufacturer in the Czech Republic with a history dating back to 1910.

The watercolours have excellent mixing characteristics, good control on the paper and strong honest colour. Fine grade pigments and the brightest gum arabic combine to give the Umton watercolours their presence. There are 59 colours in the range, all of which are lightfast and available in large 2.6ml pans.

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50% Off Daniel Smith Sets of 6 Half Pans

There are 5 sets of six half pans to choose from. Each set has a travel case, 6 colours and 9 empty half pans so you can expand the set as needed.

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New: Leonard Travel Brushes

Leonard have an extensive range of travel brushes including sable, imitation sable, squirrel and the synthetic Aquarellys range. Each brush has a detachable cap which is used to house the brush for travel or storage. Available in round, mop and flat styles.

Since 1779 Leonard have been handcrafting artists' brushes in Saint-Brieuc, France. Blending knowledge, tradition and modern methods, the brushes are of the highest quality.

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15% Off Schmincke Naturals

Schmincke Horadam Naturals are exclusively made using natural precious earth pigments and plant based dyes and resins. There are 16 colours which have either a mat or semi-transparent nature giving the watercolours some very nice gouache like properties.

A very fine addition to the Horadam watercolour range.

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New: QoR Ali Cavanaugh Portrait Set

Ali Cavanaughs layering techniques, demonstrated in her work, breathe life into her subjects and create a deep and luminous aura that captivates viewers. These six colors create the ideal palette for achieving effects that distinguish Alis work from traditional watercolour portraiture.

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New: Amatruda Watercolour Paper Albums

The Amatruda albums contain 12 sheets of either 340gsm or 500gsm pure cotton handmade watercolour paper. Each sheet had deckled edges and is natural white in colour. The twelve sheets are held in place by an elastic strap and can be easily removed for painting.

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20% Off Leonard French Squirrel Mop Brushes

These classic brushes are often referred to simply as 'The French Mop'. The brush allows you to make broad strokes as well as finish detail with the tip. The pure squirrel hair is remarkably soft and subtle with excellent water retention and release.

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New: Fontaine Watercolour Postcard Journals

The Postcard journal is the ideal travel journal. Each journal has 24 sheets of Fontaine hot pressed 300gsm paper to paint on, and also includes postcards to tear out and post to family and friends. The journals have a canvas cover which can be painted on, allowing you to customise the journal to make it your own.

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