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QoR = Quality of Result

QoR watercolours, by Golden Paints, use a unique binder called Aquazol which is able to hold greater amounts of pigment than the traditional gum arabic binder. The result is more intense colours with minimal shift in colour from wet to dry.

QoR offers incredibly smooth transitions with good flow and liveliness on the paper. The density and vividness of colour in QoR watercolours is most pronounced after drying. When dry QoR, with the unique Aquazol binder, provides greater resistance to embrittlement and cracking. You will notice that a little goes a long way with QoR.

Artists can choose from 83 high-intensity colours, including three iridescent colours. A range of very well packaged sets is also available.





QoR Watercolour Sets

5ml Tube and Half Pan Sets

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QoR 11ml Tubes

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Paint on Canvas & Boards

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Alter and Enhance

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