New: Bruynzeel Watercolour and Colouring Pencils

Since 1948 Bruynzeel has been ensuring every pencil produced reflects Dutch quality. Bruynzeel quality is assured by using the best pigments and sustainable wood. The Bruynzeel ranges are tailored for artists needs. Bruynzeel provides fine colour feel, high colour transfer, dense colour structure, excellent mixability and a harmony of colours.

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10% Off Lux Archival Packs

The special includes the packs of 5 and 10 sheets. The base paper is 100% cotton whilst the sanded surface is 400 grit but extremely uniform without any visible pattern. The paper is archival, lingen free, acid free and 300gsm. The paper has a neutral white colour and is suitable for underpainting; it will take water, inks, alcohol and mineral spirits.

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Featured: Clairfontaine Carnet de Voyage Journals

Beautifully classic journals which are bookbound (sewn bindings) with a coloured canvas cover. The natural and black covered journals have 60 pages of 180gsm grained drawing paper suitable for all dry techniques whilst the red covered journals have 60 pages of 185g rough grain watercolour paper.

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Draw, Sketch & Create

Drawing is fundamental to art and the way by which most of us first 'make a mark'.

Drawing reaches from quick sketches to intricate artworks and provides an immense array of techniques and possibilities.







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