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Amatruda Medi Style Series Sketchbook

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The Medi Series is inspired by the people, culture and beauty of the Mediterranean and features original covers drawn by the famous illustrators Hossein Borojeni and Bahar Seyedin. Each sketchbook includes thirty sheets of 200gsm handmade cotton paper with feathered edges. The 200gsm cotton paper is suitable for writing, sketching, pen & ink, gouache and light watercolour. The paper is also fountain pen friendly. A feature of the notbooks is that the top of each page has been designed so that you can tear out a sheet and maintain the top feathered edge.


Amatruda Medi Style Series         Tenacity, Stylish Woman  11x15cm       $22.50      $18.00      
Amatruda Medi Style Series    Tenacity, Stylish Woman  15x21cm       $34.95      $27.96      

Amatruda Medi Style Series         Passion, Loving Dreams  11x15cm       $22.50      $18.00      
Amatruda Medi Style Series    Passion, Loving Dreams  15x21cm       $34.95      $27.96      

Amatruda Medi Style Series         Fantasy, Hot Air Balloon  11x15cm       $22.50      $18.00      
Amatruda Medi Style Series    Fantasy, Hot Air Balloon  15x21cm       $34.95      $27.96      

Amatruda Medi Style Series         Liberty, Path to the Sea  11x15cm       $22.50      $18.00      
Amatruda Medi Style Series    Liberty, Path to the Sea  15x21cm       $34.95      $27.96