Fine Stationery & Calligraphy Supplies

Adamstown Art provides a curated range of fine stationery including journals, notecards, writing sets and fountain pens as well as a very extensive range of calligraphy supplies.


20% Off Amatruda Amalfi Series Journals

Amatruda Amalfi Series Journals have covers featuring several different views of the Amalfi coastline. The journals feature forty pages of handmade cellulose paper with feathered edges. The journals are handmade and bound with leather ties. The journals are unlined and the paper is fountain pen and art friendly.

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New Blue Island Press Notecard Designs

Blue Island Press feature many Australian artists as well as archived artists from Museums and Galleries around the world. Blue Island Press own their own printing press so they can use the finest art papers available for their products.

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Feature: Monza 3 Fountain Pens

The Monza 3 fountain pen system is perfect if you are looking to try different nib types and inks. Each Monza pen comes with three different nibs; fine, medium and omniflex. Each nib has its own front section and convertor. The fountain pen itself is translucent, showing the inner workings. It is also light in the hand and very well suited to beginers or for every day writing.

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Feature: Rohrer & Klingner Premium Writing Inks

The writing inks feature high-class, brilliant colourants, specially treated water and minimal amounts of additives. This well-balanced nature of the ink provides optimal flow characteristics for fountain pens and is also well suited to dip pens.

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20% Off Leuctturm B5 Composition Journals

The softcover B5 Composition notebooks are 254x178mm and feature 123 numbered pages of 80gsm paper, two page markers, an index section and a gusseted pocket at the back.

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Feature: Herbin Scented Writing Inks

These special Herbin scented inks are available in Lavender, Cocoa, Lemon, Rose, Orange and Violet. Suitable for fountain pens as well as dips pens and brushes. The inks can be used for writing, calligraphy and drawing. The inks are non-toxic and pH neutral. Herbin was established in 1670 and has been continusously in production until the present day.

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New: Calli Set of 6 Inks

Calli is an acrylic-based range of pigmented, water-resistant inks, designed specially for use in calligraphy, where optimum flow characteristics from the nib or brush are essential.

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Good Ink Makes a Difference

Writing, Calligraphy, Sketching

Whether you are a writer, calligrapher or artist, good ink makes everything easier and more beautiful. Good inks designed to work well with the tools you are using and have high quality colourants making them more brilliant and permanent. They are also a lot more economical that you may think as they tend to go a lot further, and last longer, than low grade inks.

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