Fine Stationery Supplies

Adamstown Art provides a curated range of fine stationery including journals, notecards, writing sets and fountain pens as well as a very extensive range of inks.


New: Kuretake Meiji No Iro Inks

The Meiji No Iro series is a beautiful selection of coloured inks which were inspired by popular colours from the Meiji era (1890 to 1910) of Japan. Kuretake was founded during the Meiji period (1902) and celebrated their 120 year anniversary by carefully selecting and introducing 6 special inks. The inks are water based dye colours which can be used with fountain pens, glass pens, dip pens and brushes.

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10% Off Faber Castell Grip Fountain Pens

The Grip fountain pens have raised dots on the barrel which aids in gripping the pen. The body of the pen has a very subtly rounded triangular shaped which also aids in maintaining a firm hold whilst writing. The pen body is molded plastic and the clip is stainless steel. You can use standard ink cartridges or fit a convertor if you wish to take advantage of the range of bottled inks.

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Feature: Rohrer & Klingner Premium Writing Inks

The writing inks feature high-class, brilliant colourants, specially treated water and minimal amounts of additives. This well-balanced nature of the ink provides optimal flow characteristics for fountain pens and is also well suited to dip pens.

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15% Off Flametree Sketchbooks

The Flametree hardcover sketchbooks contain 144 pages of heavy weight sketch paper (approx 200gsm). The paper is suitable for all dry techniques and light washes. The sketchbooks are 280mm x 216mm. Each sketchbook has a magnificent fine art cover.

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50% Off Leuctturm B5 Composition Journals

The softcover B5 Composition notebooks are 254x178mm and feature 123 numbered pages of 80gsm paper, two page markers, an index section and a gusseted pocket at the back.

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Feature: Herbin Scented Writing Inks

These special Herbin scented inks are available in Lavender, Cocoa, Lemon, Rose, Orange and Violet. Suitable for fountain pens as well as dips pens and brushes. The inks can be used for writing, calligraphy and drawing. The inks are non-toxic and pH neutral. Herbin was established in 1670 and has been continusously in production until the present day.

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