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Watercolour painting is extremely popular and Schmincke have an extensive range of watercolours. The Horadam range is acknowledged as a premium watercolour. Aqua Drop is a new innovative liquid watercolour whilst the Aqua Bronzes give dazzeling metallic effects. A large range of mediums also open up many new techniques.





Horadam Watercolours

Artist Quality
Premium Watercolours

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Super Granulation Watercolours

Artist Quality
Granulation & Colour Separation

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Horadam Naturals

Artist Quality
Natural Plant & Earth Pigments

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Aqua Bronzes

Artist Quality
Real Metallic Watercolours

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Aqua Drop

The Lightfast
Liquid Watercolour

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Artist Quality
Paint on Canvas & Boards

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Artist Quality
Extend, Lift, Alter & Effect

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Masking Fluid

Artist Quality
Masking Applicators

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Storage Containers

Metals Containers
Watercolour Pans

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