Amatruda Handmade Watercolour Paper


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The Amatruda watercolour paper is handmade according to ancient craftsmanship tradition for maximum durability. The paper features deckled edges, is pure cotton and a natural white in colour. The paper is suitable for all watercolour techniques and also works very well with art inks.

Amatruda is from the historically important paper making region of Amalfi in Italy. Using traditional Amalfi techniques, Amatruda produce luxurious handmade paper that is both beautiful to the eye and touch. The paper is Ph neutral, untreated with chemical substances or bleach.





Watercolour Blocks

340gsm, 10 Sheets, Natural White

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Artist Paper Sets

340gsm, 10 Sheets, Natural White

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Watercolour Albums

340gsm, 500gsm, Fine Grain

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Watercolour Sheets

340gsm, 500gsm, Fine & Rough Grain

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