Roman Szmal Brushes


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The Roman Szmal range provides quality synthetic brushes. The brushes are made with either Japanese Toray fibres or Synthetic Squirrel. Toray has a soft, resiliant nature that can absorb and hold a large amount of water whilst the synthetic squirel is a top notch altenative to natural hair brushes.





Roll Brushes

Large Mop Type Brushes

View the Roll Brushes


Golden Pearl Brushes

Traditional Round

View Golden Pearl Brushes


Dagger Brushes

Arc Shape for Cutting In

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Synthetic Squirrel

Mop Brushes

View the Mop Brushes


Synthetic Squirrel

Oval Wash Brushes

View the Oval Wash Brushes


Synthetic Squirrel

Traditional Round Brushes

View the Round Brushes




Synthetic Squirrel

Liner Brushes

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Synthetic Squirrel

Flat Brushes

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Scrubber Brushes

Angled Scruuber Brushes

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