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William Mitchell was established as a nib manufacturer in 1825 and has been designing and manufacturing exceptional calligraphy products for almost 200 years.



Cartridge Pen Sets

Starter, Gift & Advanced Sets

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Pen & Nib Sets

Extensive Range of Sets

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Round Hand Nibs

Flexible Straight Cut Nibs

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Italic Nibs

Chisel Point Nibs, Italic, Gothic & Uncial

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Script Nibs

Upturned Point, Monoline Lettering

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Poster Nibs

Large Display Lettering

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Scroll & Decorative Nibs

Double Line & Decorative Effects

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General Purpose Nibs

Hink & Wells, Perry & Co

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Copperplate Nib

Elbow Nib for Copperplate

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Pen Holders

General Purpose & Marbelled

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