Langridge Professional Oil Colours



Langridge Handmade Oil Colour is a high performance professional grade oil paint developed to excel in saturation of colour and physical handling qualities.

All of the colours are made without extenders, modifiers, opacifiers, fillers and anything that may interfere with the clarity and true brightness of the pigment. Langridge oil paints are therefore, highly intense, enabling artists to extend the paint, if desired, and to facilitate exceptional clean mixes when blended together.

As the true individual nature of each pigment has not been masked some colours, such as the oxides will be soft and brush out easily whilst modern organic phthalos will be stiff. Other colours may be buttery, slippery, sticky or clotted.

Made in Melbourne, Australia.



Langridge 40ml Tubes

72 Colours

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Langridge 110ml Tubes

72 Colours

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