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Schmincke Norma Oil Colours


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An Environmentally Friendly Professional Modern Oil Colour

Norma Professional Oil Colours consist of an environmentally friendly selection of 84 brilliant modern and traditional colours including 27 high-quality transparent and unique special colours such as Chromium Yellow, Poppy Red, Agate Brown, Schweinfurt Green Hue and Neutral Black.

Features of Norma Oil are:
- The use of renewable raw materials;
- High quality plant oils;
- All colours have the maximum lightfastness;
- Optimised formulas give quicker drying times;
- Even drying times across all of the colours;
- Maximum spreading rate given by the highest pigment concentration; and
- Balanced buttery consistency of all colours.



Norma Sets

Starter & Wooden Box Sets

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Norma 35ml Tubes

84 Colours

View Norma 35ml Range


Norma 120ml Tubes

48 Colours

View Norma 120ml Range




Norma 200ml Tubes

12 Colours

View Norma 200ml Range