Pilot Artist Drawing Pens

These Pilot Drawing Pens are great for sketching, illustration, and design work. The bold, water-based pigment ink gives strong color and is quick-drying, water-resistant, and lightfast. The unique pen cap contains a system that circulates the ink in the pen tip while the pen is capped. This prevents the tip from drying out while not in use, so that the next time you write, the pen will deliver a smooth line from the very start.



plt_draw_0.1    Pilot Drawing Pen    0.1 Nib       Black                  $5.75   
plt_draw_0.2    Pilot Drawing Pen    0.2 Nib       Black                  $5.75   
plt_draw_0.3    Pilot Drawing Pen    0.3 Nib       Black                  $5.75   
plt_draw_0.5    Pilot Drawing Pen    0.5 Nib       Black                  $5.75   
plt_draw_0.8    Pilot Drawing Pen    0.8 Nib       Black                  $5.75   
plt_draw_set    Pilot Drawing Pen Set    Set of all Five Pens       Black                  $27.95   








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