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Golden Acrylics - 20% Off

Heavy Body  |  Fluid  |  High Flow

Recognised as the leading acrylic for artists Golden provides an unparalleled experience. Heavy Body has an exceptionally smooth, rich and buttery consistency. Fluid paints have a consistency comparable to heavy cream with exceptional pigmentation. High Flow is an innovative ink like acrylic which you can use with brushes, pens, refillable markers and airbrushes, or just pour straight from the bottle.

Heavy Body  |  Fluid  |  High Flow

15% Off Winsor and Newton Watercolour Marker Sets

Winsor and Newton watercolour markers provide a new and innovative way to work with watercolour. The markers have a twin tip with a fine point on one end and a flexible brush tip on the other. The markers have been formulated using fine quality artists pigments to ensure excellent permanence. Sets of 6 and 12 are available as well as a travel set of 8 with accessories.

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New Total Cover Inks from Schmincke

Schmincke have released 12 new highly opaque Aerocolor inks called Total Cover. Because of their highly opaque nature you can work effectively on all surfaces, especially dark surfaces. All of the inks are highly lightfast and dry to a semi matt appearance. The inks can be used with an airbrush, refillable marker, brush and dip pen. They are also great for pouring and other mixed media techniques.

10% Off Total Cover Inks
We have 10% Off the Total Cover inks this month, so it is a great time to give then a try.

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10% Off Raphael Sable Brushes

Pure Kolinsky sable with incomparable elasticity, spring and vigour. Gloss black short handles with nickel ferrules. The special covers the Round, Rigger and Liner brushes.

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Pastel Specials

$150 Off Schmincke Wooden Box Set of 100

15% Off NuPastel Sets

Pastelmat Half Sheets 10% Off

10% Off Pan Pastel Kits

10% Off Schmincke Singles

15% Off Sennelier Pads

New: Derwent Pastel Pencil Sets


New Schmincke Watercolours

Schmincke have enlarged their watercolour range with the release of 35 new colours. This brings the total range to 140 colours. The new colours include many of the new pigments such as Quinacridone and Perylene. There are also some beautiful new transparent colours available such as Transparent Green Gold and Transparent Sienna. The full range of 140 colours is available now in both tubes and pans.

Tubes  |  Pans

25% Off Abstract Acrylic

Abstract is a true mixed media paint with a creamy to thick consistency which is easy to apply to a wide range of surfaces. The Abstract range is composed of 60 colours, 34 of which are single pigment colours.

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30% Off Art Spectrum Brushes

The special includes the 1500 Series Synthetic brushes as well as the 1100 Series Bristle brushes. Both brushes are suitable for oil and acrylic.

Synthetic 1500 Series  |  Bristle 1100 Series

15% Off Clayboards

Clayboard is made using a true artists hardboard which is coated with an ultra smooth abosrbent kaolin clay ground. The finish is similar to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance. The unique surface ensures your colours remain true and brilliant. There is a significantly noticable difference in the resulting brilliance of colour on a clayboard as opposed to a canvas when they are held side by side.

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10% Off Fabriano Venezia Journals

This elegant book has a beautiful burgundy and cream cover design, representing the mosaics present in the San Marco area of Venice. Hot pressed 200gsm paper, excellent for drawing and light wash work. 96 pages.

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50% Off Derwent Pencils

Sale includes both sets and singles for Graphitint, Coloursoft and Tinted Charcoal. No backorders will be held. Strictly whilst stocks last.

- Graphitint
- Coloursoft
- Tinted Charcoal






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