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15% Off Schmincke Horadam Watercolours

Acknowledged as a premium watercolour the Horadam Aquarell range consists of 140 colours. Schmincke are renowned for the intensity of colour they achieve and their watercolours certainly have great strength and clarity of colour which can make lesser watercolours look somewhat dull.

5ml Tubes  |  Half Pans

New QoR Watercolour Travel Set

The Mini Travel Set includes 12 Half Pans in a compact travel tin. The lid of the travel tin has an innovative design incorporating wells and mixing areas. There are also 3 silicon wells conveniently located between the two rows of half pans. A very well designed travel set indeed.

The travel set is priced at only $99 making it extremely good value.

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15% Off Magnani Acquerello Pads and Blocks

Magnani have been making paper in Italy since 1404 and their Acquerello paper is one of the strongest archival watercolour papers available to artists. It is 300gsm, 100% cotton, free from optical brighteners, internally and externally sized, pH neutral, acid free and chlorine free. This natural white paper is manufactured on a cylinder mould machine using exclusive Magnani suface marking felts which give a beautiful surface to work on. Of particular note is the ease at which colours are able to be easily lifted and reworked.

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$50 Off Winsor and Newton 24 Half Pan Set

Winsor and Newton artists watercolours are a very popular choice. They provide reliable, predictable and consistent quality right across the range. A watercolour you can rely on.

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10% Off Raphael Squirrel Mop Brushes

The French Watercolour Mop. Pure Kazan Squirrel.

This brush is Raphael's most versatile brush and has been used for over 100 years. Its reputation was such that it was known simply as the French watercolour mop. Each brush is hand-wired and made by a specially trained brushmaker. This brush holds more than any other in Raphael range.

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Pastel Specials

20% Off Pastelmat

20% Off Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastels

15% Off Holbein Sets

10% Off Colourfix Optimum Foam Core Boards

15% Off Sennelier Sets of 30 Half Sticks

10% Off CrayPas Sets and Singles

15% Off Single Carbothello Pencils

The Big Pan Pastel Sale

Diane Townsend Pastels Now Available


15% Off Golden Fluid

Golden fluid paints are highly pigmented permanent acrylic colours which provide the advantage of allowing you to use a thin paint which offers fine dispersion, very intense colour, flexibility and good adhesion. No more watering down heavy body paints with the resulting washed out colour and weakened paint film.

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15% Off Kandahar Drawing Inks

Kandahar ink is a brilliant lightfast colour that flows easily from pen, brush and airbrush. Kandahar Black is ideal for illustration work and in mixed media technique.

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20% Off FW Ink

FW Artists Ink is an acrylic pigmented ink which is water resistant when dry. A high degree of permanance and fully intermixable colours make it perfectly suited to production of profrssional artistic works. FW Pearlescent introduce the ability to include shimmering effects.

Artists Range  |  Pearlescent Range

10% Off Fabriano Artists Journals

An ideal journal for artists. Each journal has 192 pages of white and cream Ingres drawing paper. This lovely paper is suitable for ink, pencil, or pastels. The journals are mouldmade, acid-free, and lightfast.

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15% Off Clayboard

Clayboard is made using a true artists hardboard which is coated with an ultra smooth abosrbent kaolin clay ground. The finish is similar to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance. The unique surface ensures your colours remain true and brilliant. There is a significantly noticable difference in the resulting brilliance of colour on a clayboard as opposed to a canvas when they are held side by side.

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10% Off CrayPas Specialist Oil Pastels

Cray Pas Specialist oil pastels are artist grade. They are made from highly concentrated premium quality pigments, wax and oil to provide professionals with a superb creamy texture that facilitates blend-ability, and can be used in combination with a variety of painting mediums.

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