Girault Soft Pastels

A true delight.

These French Artisan Made Soft Pastels are of the highest quality having been in continuous production since 1780. Exceptional pigment load provides true and vibrant colour whilst the application is easy and flowing. The soft and creamy nature of the pastels lends itself to blending as well as the ability to make consistent accurate strokes with varying degrees of density. The pastels have a uniform consistency across the range and are crumble resistant which allows you to use them with a little more vigour at the start of a painting if so desired. Of note is the ability of the pastel to adhere well to a wide range of papers which means the need for fixative is greatly reduced or eliminated.

The Girault pastel sets range include many sets where the colour range has been chosen by an accomplished pastel artists. More information on these artists is available from the Pastel Artists page.

Single Girault Pastels

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Girault Pastel Sets

Set of 25 Assorted $199.95   
Set of 25 Assorted by Olga Abramova $199.95   
Set of 25 Portrait $199.95   
Set of 25 Portrait by Ruben Belloso $199.95   
Set of 25 Skin Tones $199.95   
Set of 25 Landscape $199.95   
Set of 25 Yellows $199.95   
Set of 25 Blues $199.95   
Set of 25 Greens $199.95   
Set of 25 Greys $199.95   
Set of 25 Lights $199.95   
Set of 25 Darks $199.95   

Set of 50 Assorted $399.95   
Set of 50 Assorted by Olga Abramova $399.95   
Set of 50 Portrait $399.95   
Set of 50 Portrait Assortment by Gwenneth Barth $399.95   
Set of 50 Landscape $399.95   
Set of 50 Poetic Landscape by Elizabeth Mowry $399.95   
Set of 50 Neutrals and Friends by Richard McKinley $399.95   
Set of 50 Plein Air Addition by Richard McKinley $399.95   
Set of 50 Shoreline by Catherine Hutter $399.95   
Set of 50 Seascape $399.95   
Set of 50 Brilliant $399.95   
Set of 50 Greys $399.95   
Set of 50 Greens $399.95   
Set of 50 Blues and Purples $399.95   
Set of 50 Warm and Cool $399.95   
Set of 50 Dark Colours $399.95   

Wooden Box Set of 75 Assorted $750.00   
Wooden Box Set of 75 Portrait by Rodriguez Lopez $750.00   

Wooden Box Set of 102 Assorted by Claude Texxier $995.00   
Wooden Box Set of 102 Portrait by Rodriguez Lopez $995.00   
Wooden Box Set of 102 Poetic Landscape by Elizabeth Mowry $995.00   
Wooden Box Set of 102 Plein Air Landscape by Richard McKinley $995.00   

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