Terry Ludwig Soft Pastels

Handcrafted Pastels with a Velvety Soft Stroke

Terry Ludwig Pastels were the first rectangular shaped pastel. The rectangular shape opened up new painting possibilities with the pastels being able to be used for both broad strokes and detailed wotk. The pastels are highly concentrated and uniformly soft across the range which allows you to paint with confidence.

Being handmade the size of the pastels vary a little but are approximately 3.8 x 1.3 x 1.3 cms.



Terry Ludwig Soft Pastel Sets

Set of 14 Best Loved Basics $135.00   

Set of 30 Basic Portrait $278.00   
Set of 30 Basic Landscape $278.00   
Set of 30 Landscape Liz Hayward-Sullivan $278.00   
Set of 30 Shades of Nature $278.00   
Set of 30 Stunning Yellows $278.00   
Set of 30 Red Rocks $278.00    Out of Stock
Set of 30 Best of the Blues $278.00   
Set of 30 Ultra Violet $278.00    Out of Stock
Set of 30 Essential Greys - Maggie Price $278.00   
Set of 30 Turquoise $278.00   
Set of 30 Neutral Greens $278.00   
Set of 30 Cool Greens $278.00   
Set of 30 Warm Greens $278.00   
Set of 30 True Lights $278.00   
Set of 30 Umber Shadows and Shades $278.00   
Set of 30 Intense Darks I $278.00   
Set of 30 Intense Darks II $278.00   

Set of 60 Basic Values - Maggie Price $525.00   
Set of 60 Skies and Water Liz Hayward-Sullivan $525.00   
Set of 60 Richard McKinley Landscape $525.00   
Set of 60 Plein Air Landscape $525.00    Out of Stock
Set of 60 Arid Landscape $525.00   
Set of 60 Sunrise and Sunset $525.00   
Set of 60 Portrait $525.00   
Set of 60 Vibrants $525.00   
Set of 60 Intense Darks $525.00   

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