GAC100: Diluting, Extending, Flexibility

A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion useful for diluting and extending colours as well as increasing flexibility and film integrity. Wets out solids more readily than other polymers and is useful for creating homemade paints.

gld_gac_100    Golden Speciality Polymer    GAC100       236ml Pot                  $24.75   



GAC200: Film Hardness, Adhesion for Non Porous Surface

A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion that is the hardest and least flexible of Golden acrylics. Useful for increasing film hardness and reducing tack. Increases adhesion to non-porous surfaces such as glass. Used in its pure form it is limited to applications on non-flexible supports. Generally recommend a maximum level of GAC-200 be 75% of the entire paint mixture. Great for increasing durability of Golden Acrylic Paints for mural use.

gld_gac_200    Golden Speciality Polymer    GAC200       236ml Pot                  $24.75   



GAC400: Stiffens and Transforms Lightweight Fabrics

A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion which dries to a hard stiff film. When applied over a fabric support such as cotton or silk GAC 400 will serve to dramatically stiffen the support. This allows the artist to transform a lightweight fabric into a free-standing form that will hold its shape. If laundering stability is essential the polymer can be heat-set.

gld_gac_400    Golden Speciality Polymer    GAC400       236ml Pot                  $24.75   



GAC500: Self Levelling Working Quality

A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion with levelling ability that forms a hard glossy film. Useful for increasing film hardness and reducing tack while maintaining flexibility. The hardest polymer that is suitable for flexible supports.

gld_gac_500    Golden Speciality Polymer    GAC500       236ml Pot                  $24.75   



GAC700: Film Clarity and Transparency

A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion that offers excellent film clarity and gloss. Excellent for sealing various supports to protect against Support Induced Discoloration. Useful for glaze applications but care needs to be exercised to avoid foaming. Offers reduced shrinkage.

gld_gac_700    Golden Speciality Polymer    GAC700       236ml Pot                  $24.75   



GAC800: Pouring Medium, Reduces Craze

A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion most often used as a pouring medium. It does not craze in pours or puddles. It dries with the same uniform surface and dimensional integrity as when wet. Dries with good gloss and flexibility but only moderate clarity. Useful to increase adhesion to chalky surfaces.

gld_gac_800    Golden Speciality Polymer    GAC800       236ml Pot                  $24.75   
gld_gac_800_473ml    Golden Speciality Polymer    GAC800       473ml Pot                  $44.95   



GAC900: To make Fabric Paints

A liquid acrylic polymer emulsion which when heat-set offers a very soft hand and laundering stability. This product is most useful to artists painting on clothing. GAC 900 can be blended with various acrylic colours to produce fabric paints that can be air or hand brush or screen applied. Area must be well ventilated when heat setting.

gld_gac_900    Golden Speciality Polymer    GAC900       236ml Pot                  $24.75   








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