Schmincke Acrylic Mediums

Acrylic Painting Medium
Thinning medium. Extends acrylic. Increases Gloss, Transparancy and Adhesion. Good medium to use when building layers.

sch_am_50550    Schmincke Acrylic Medium    Acrylic Painting Medium       250ml                  $28.95   


Acrylic Thickener
Increases paint thickness and consistency. Use sparingly. Only a little needs to be added to your paint to achieve the desired effect.

sch_am_50557    Schmincke Acrylic Medium    Acrylic Thickener       250ml                  $28.95   


Special Painting Gel
Improves flow. Increases Drying Time, Gloss and Transparency. Good for soft painting effects and simplifying colour transitions.

sch_am_50560    Schmincke Acrylic Medium    Special Painting Gel       300ml                  $32.95   


Fluid Mediums
A gently flowing medium. Increases flow, transparency and adhesion.

sch_am_50552    Schmincke Acrylic Fluid Medium    Fluid Medium Gloss       250ml                  $26.95   
sch_am_50553    Schmincke Acrylic Fluid Medium    Fluid Medium Satin       250ml                  $26.95   


Acrylic Matting Agent
Decreases gloss and retards drying. You can control the decrease in gloss by varying the amount of the matting agent used.

sch_am_50558    Schmincke Acrylic Medium    Acrylic matting agent       250ml                  $26.95   


Acrylic Retarder
Retards drying. Ideal for wet-on-wet painting.

sch_am_50556    Schmincke Acrylic Retarder Medium    Acrylic retarder       250ml                  $26.95   
sch_am_50559    Schmincke Acrylic Retarder Medium    Acrylic Super Retarder       300ml                  $32.50   








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