Schmincke Acryl Bronzes


Schmincke Acryl Bronzes are genuine metallic acrylic paints made using real metal. They are very lightfast, more opaque and more brilliant than other metallic effect colours. They come ready to use from the bottle and can be diluted with water if required. There are five colours in the range which are rich gold, rich pale gold, pale gold, copper and silver.



sch_acrylb_rg    Schmincke Acryl Bronze    Rich Gold       150ml Bottle               $43.50      $36.98   
sch_acrylb_rpg    Schmincke Acryl Bronze    Rich Pale Gold       150ml Bottle               $43.50      $36.98   
sch_acrylb_pg    Schmincke Acryl Bronze    Pale Gold       150ml Bottle               $43.50      $36.98   
sch_acrylb_cop    Schmincke Acryl Bronze    Copper       150ml Bottle               $43.50      $36.98   
sch_acrylb_sil    Schmincke Acryl Bronze    Silver       150ml Bottle               $43.50      $36.98   








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