Two Rivers Watercolour Pads

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The Two Rivers watercolour paper is available in a block and two different pads, the Plein Air Pocketbooks and the Companion pad. Both types of pads are wire bound making them easy to use. Both sides of the handmade paper can be painted on, giving you twice the number of possibilities.

The Block contains 15 sheets of 310gsm handmade watercolour paper.

The Plein Air Pocketbooks contain 10 sheetsof deckled edge handmade watercolour paper in a mix of 425gsm and 640gsm weights as well as 10 sheets of 300gsm cartridge paper which is interleaved between the watercolour sheets.

The Companion pads contain 16 sheets of 425gsm handmade watercolour paper cut evenly on all four sides.


tr_block28x23    Two Rivers Block    28x23cm                        $108.50   

tr_pleinair_15x15    Two Rivers Plein Air Pocket Pad    15x15cm                        $67.95   
tr_pleinair_19x19    Two Rivers Plein Air Pocket Pad    19x19cm                        $82.50   
tr_pleinair_23x30    Two Rivers Plein Air Pocket Pad    23x30.5cm                        $118.50   

tr_companion_20x2    Two Rivers Companion Pad    20x25cm                        $99.95